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Miracle Hair Growth Oil

Neema's Beauty Brand

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One 4ounce bottle of MIRACLE HAIR GROWTH Oil. This product is truly #1 Hair growth oil Serum. Our unique Natural ingredients such as Babassu, grapeseed and emu oils to produce our 100% infused homemade herbal oil that penetrate the scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your bald spots and grow your hair SUPER FAST! Which makes this growth oil effective and helps our customers achieve tremendous growth with increasing the overall health of their hair with in weeks for using. 

Customers  give testimonials of fast hair growth in 2 weeks and are overjoyed because they found a proven homemade best hair growth oil that REPAIRS, RESTORE AND REGROW.


*** Can be used for both naturel and relaxed hair. 


 ✨Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hydrogenated Palm (&) Palm Kernel oil, Sulphur



 vitamin E

 Increase blood circulation to your scalp

 Remove product residue

 Aid in scalp dandruff treatment

 Assist in growing hair

 Repairs damage to your hair follicles in order to stimulate natural hair growth

 Treat hair loss

  Enhance and increase the absorption and effectiveness of other products

helps with eczema on scalp 

add moisture and shine to the hair

 repairs split damaged ends



 If you have any known illnesses please consult a physician before use of this product. DON’T USE product After 2 years. Store this product at room temperature in a cool dry environment. Always close the lid on the bottle After using.

Always do a patch test 24 hours prior to application.


 Simply massage a small amount into your scalp 2 times a DAY. A little goes a long way. Massage to areas that need growth such as edges or any other bold spots.

 You can also deep condition with this product by applying it to your scalp and the ends of your hair AFTER shampooing. Cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 30 mins. The longer the better. Then SHAMPOO your hair to remove the product and style as desired. It will leave your hair super silky Smooth. You can also mix in your conditioner for smooth finish.

 Apply to scalp everyday or every other day when wearing protective styles (tracks, braids, locs, etc.) BEST RESULTS For GROWTH! Apply night time than wear a BONNET to sleep for hair protection.

  4ounce bottle good for 2 years supply. A little goes a long way. You are able to adjust the nozzle for better usage.


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